The Best Gifts To Buy Your Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day

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Get the best valentines day gifts for girlfriend now.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and let’s be honest, you haven’t bought a damn thing yet for your lady. Luckily, most guys haven’t either, so you’re not alone. We’ve put together a little list of gift ideas that should help keep you out of the dog house this Valentine’s Day.

Custom Valentine’s Day Cards

Tiny Prints 2011 Valentines Day Cards

Tiny Prints has you covered this year for Valentine’s Day, from Group & Photo Cards to Party Invites and even Photo Gifts. But, the big news for 2011 is the Tiny Prints Greeting Card Collection, which lets you create individual personalized cards with photos starting at $1.99. They have everything from romantic to sentimental to hilariously funny and suggestive cards. In a matter of seconds you can create personalized cards for your loved one, mom, dad, friend or anyone else important in your life and Tiny Prints will mail the card directly to that person. No more scouring the rack at your local convenience store for a lame last minute card, Tiny Prints has removed the hassle and added the fun back into Valentine’s Day shopping.

Amazon Kindle

Harry Potter and Twilight are proof that girls love to read awful books. Help your girl be a bit more refined while reading about vampires and such with the new Kindle from Amazon. It’s thinner, faster and weighs less (wish we could say the same thing) from previous models, boats built-in WiFi and the top model comes with FREE 3G service. The Kindle is a hefty amount cheaper than an iPad, and your girl can read it while tanning herself on a beach, hopefully with you, though probably with her crazy friends on spring break.

TOMS Shoes

Get some TOMS for Valentine's Day
Getting your girl a pair of TOMS is a gift you can feel really good about. Not only are they stylish, but for each pair purchased, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need of shoes. It’s called the One for One program, and to-date TOMS has given away more than 1 million pairs of shoes. They’re super-popular and come in a ton of colors and styles. Be a hero to your girl AND to a kid in need.



Be careful with this one. Not every girl is going to be cool getting lingerie. There’s always the risk that it sends the wrong message, and you could screw things up even though you know that’s just crazy. I suspect you know your girl pretty well, so we’ll proceed with our picks.

There’s plenty of places to find sexy lingerie, but here are some of our favorites:

Not all lingerie needs to look like you’re on the set of some dirty movie. There’s plenty of great looking, cute stuff that will keep you girl from thinking you’re a complete sex hound while still looking amazing:

Or you could always make her some lingerie

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