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If Gilt MANual sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that. Gilt MANual comes from the folks behind Gilt Groupe (p.s. if you want an invite, just ask. I’ll hook you up)- an exclusive buying community that offers exclusive discounts on mens and womens clothing, as well as stylish home products. Through Jet Setter, they offer deep discounts on hotels and resorts throughout the world.

Gilt MANual isn’t necessarily a new concept- a fashion and lifestyle blog focused towards men. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth adding to your reader, however. You’ll find knowledgeable, yet down to earth commentary on all topics, from alcohol tastings and recommendations, how-to guides, fashion tips, etc. Despite being part of the money-making Gilt Groupe, the content is not saley whatsoever. The worst I’ve seen is they’ll mention a product is currently for sale, but it does not impede on the content. Also, if you visit the site, you’ll notice a widget with their latest sales. But if you’re reading up on fashion anyways, seeing what kind of deals they have really isn’t a bother.

Interested? Why not start with one of their recent posts; How To Stock Your Bar For Fall.

Stock your ball for fall

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