Jordan Sells Bentley To Local Museum

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michael jordan car

The car that inspired an air Jordan shoe model is now on display about 15 miles west down the road from where Michael Jordan lived when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

The owner of the Volo Auto Museum on route 120 has just purchased for 90-thousand dollars, Jordan’s one of a kind 2005 Bentley Continental, complete with dark tinted windows and 9-thousand dollar Lowenhart wheels.

Volo museum owner Greg Grams says the Jordan Bentley is a W-12 engine — not a V-12, but a W-12.

It consists of two turbocharged V-6 engines side by side producing a grant total of 552 horsepower. Grams say it will keep up with any of the Lamborghinis in his “Auto Vault.”

And Grams says this particular Bentley’s grill was the inspiration for one of the Air Jordans which had been coming out with a different model every year.

Also on hand in Volo at Route 120 and 12, the Sapphire Rolls Royce Silver Spur which was purchased specifically for the 1996 visit of Princess Diana to Chicago, the year before she died.

Also on hand: singer Rod Stewart’s Lemon Yellow Dodge Viper which suffered a few bumps and bruises after being stolen by Stewart’s gardener — heavily laden with resentment, Xanax and cocaine after his firing in 2005.

Grams says he makes his living turning over classic Chevelles and Mustangs which continued selling steadily through the recession. But he says the cars of the stars are what bring the visitors into to his Volo Auto Museum at 10-dollars a head on route 120, north of Chicago.

Image Source: A car similar to one sold by Michael Jordan.

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